Monday, May 21, 2012

Yu-gi-oh! Variety Discussion - Chaos Dragons

For Chaos Dragons, you can have 2 varieties pull each other. Namely between two types:

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Variant vs Judgment Dragon Variant

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Variant: Can get a more consistent stall feel for Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and Lightpulsar Dragon. You can run 1 Judgment Dragon for the effect, but the majority of the time would be focused in on the Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and Lightpulsar Dragon, along with any support that it holds.

Judgment Dragon Variant: More destructive feel for the deck, but this focuses in on OTKing the opponent in one go. A future problem I see is how many DARKs you are able to run on their own, along with the support variety of Chaos Dragons. It'll be a curious sight for me to attempt.

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