Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cardfight!! Vangaurd - Strategy Discussion - Spike Brothers - Part 1

Picking a Grade 0 Vanguard:
Pick Resourceful General, Dark Bringer. In the past, I would've picked Mecha Trainer, but this one seems to serve the purpose quite nicely, and you'll be able to attack multiple times as well.

Basic Strategy:
By using the Dudley cards, you'll be able to swarm repeatedly. For example, the set-up for your Field could possibly be this:

Front Row: Juggernaut Maximum (RG), Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor (VG), Juggernaut Maximum (RG)
Back Row: 3 Grade 1 Boosters

which could potentially lead into
  • Juggernaut Maximum attacks. Soul Blast ability is used.
  • Juggernaut Maximum attacks. Soul Blast ability is used.
  • Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor attack. Grade 1 booster boosts Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor's power level. Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor's Limit Break 4, Counterblast 2 effect is used. Two Juggernaut Maximums were called to Rear Guard Circles.
  • Juggernaut Maximum attacks. Grade 1 booster boosts Juggernaut Maximum.
  • Juggernaut Maximum attacks. Grade 1 booster boosts Juggernaut Maximum.
  • 16 Grade 0 Shields
  • 11 Grade 1 Shields
  • 3 Cheer Girl Marilyn
  • 11 Grade 2 Shields
Sample Deck List:

Grade 0:
4x Silence Joker
4x Sonic Breaker
4x Kung Fu Kicker
4x Cheer Girl, Tiara
Resource General, Dark Bringer

Grade 1:
4x Dudley Dan
4x Reckless Express
3x Cheer Girl Marilyn
3x Dudley Daisy

Grade 2:
4x Devil Summoner
4x High-Speed Blackie
3x Dudley Douglas

Grade 3:
3x Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor
3x Juggernaut Maximum
2x Jelly Beans

If you have any questions, leave a comment. I'll probably place in the link to the cards in the Sample Deck List later today, along with a new updated deck for Nova Grapplers.


  1. 4 Dudley Dans? even if he's already searcheable? A reckless express can hit 20K with Wonder boy as well so why not more of him?

    the Jelly Beans engine really loolks like a secure ride to G3, other than that do you think there's still space for let's say a good G2 like Treasured Black Panther or Panzer Gail?

    1. Personally, if you want other Grade 2s, you could replace High-Speed Blackie with another Dudley Douglas and 3 Panzer Gail.

      Also, I maxxed out Reckless Express, so do you mean max out Wonder Boy?

  2. not really wanting to max out on wonder boy... it's just that reckless being a 12K front row would ideally have an 8K boost
    wonder boy also helps Dudley emperor against opposing 11K VGs (at least in theory)

    I'd like to hear how running 4 dudley dan is working for you :D
    haven't had the cards yet but I would also like to hear how not running the draw trigger on a clan that burns up the hand works out...

    overall, thanks for new Spike Bros content :D

    1. In the past, it has worked for me; however, I'm redoing a bunch of deck lists, and updating this blog as best as I can.

      And, no problem. It's been far overdue.

  3. thanx kuze i see where you was going nice list

  4. is it feasible to substitute stand triggers with draw since dudley emperor's limit break burns hand cards?