Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Breakdown of Nova Grapplers - Part 2

Grade 1 Breakdown:
With each clans, there's generic cards spread throughout the clans. The four shown below are cards that have generic effects copied from clan to clan.

Tough Boy (top right) is the generic Grade 1 8000 Power Booster for Nova Grapplers. For a Perfect Guard blocker, Twin Blader (bottom right) is the generic Grade 1 Perfect Blocker with an effect shown below:
  • Auto: (Choose 1 «Nova Grappler» from your hand and discard it) When this Unit is called to the Guardian Circle, you may pay the cost. If paid, during that battle, your «Nova Grappler» doesn't get hit.
By discarding a Nova Grappler card, you can have Twin Blader completely block an attack by your opponent without fail. Oasis Girl (top left) is the generic Grade 1 7000 Power Booster with Counterblast 1 for Nova Grapplers wtih an effect listed below:
  • Activate (V/R): (Counter Blast (1)) During this turn, this Unit gains +1000 Power.
For every Counter Blast that you decide to do with Oasis Girl, she'll gain 1000 Power added onto the 7000 Power she already has. So, in essence, you can have another 8000 Power Booster by flipping one card in your Damage Zone. Screamin' and Dancin' Announcer, Shout (top middle) is a 7000 Power Booster with a generic effect listed below:
  • Activate (V/R) : (Rest this Unit, and discard 1 card from your Hand) Draw 1 card.
By resting Screamin' and Dancin' Announcer, Shout, you can discard a card to draw another card from your Deck. Battering Minotaur (bottom left) is a 6000 Power Booster with a generic effect listed below:
  • Auto (V/R): (Counter Blast (1)) When this Unit attacks, you may pay the cost. If paid, during that battle, this Unit gains +3000 Power.
With his effect, when you attack with Battering Minotaur, you can flip a card in the Damage Zone and attack your opponent with 9000 Power.

For now, there's no category to put the remainder of the Grade 1s in, so I'll elaborate the cards, three at a time.

Almighty Reporter (middle) is a 6000 Power Booster with an effect as follows:
  • Auto (R): When this unit boosts a «Nova Grappler» and the attack hits a Vanguard, you may return this unit to your hand.
So, when this boosts, and if you attack an opponent's Vanguard, you can have Almighty Reporter return to your Hand, and use it as a Guardian on your opponent's turn. Beast Deity, Scarlet Bird (left) is a 6000 Power Booster and another card from the Beast Deity series which has an effect as follows:
  • Auto (V/R): When this Unit's Attack hits the Vanguard, if you have a <<Nova Grappler>> Vanguard, you look at up to the top 5 cards of your Deck, look for up to 1 "Beast Deity, Azure Dragon", show it to your opponent, add it to your hand, then place the remaining cards on the bottom of your Deck in any order that you like.
So, when Beast Deity, Scarlet Bird attacks, and it hits the Vanguard, you can search the top 5 cards of your Deck for a chance to add Beast Deity, Azure Dragon to your Hand. Blaupanzer (right) is another card from the "Chain Ride" series mentioned in Part 1. Blaupanzer is a 6000 Power Booster with an effect listed below:
  • Continuous (V): When you have (Blaujunger) in your Soul, this Unit gains +2000 Power.
  • Auto: (Discard 1 Grade 3 «Nova Grappler» from your Hand) When this Unit is called to the Rearguard Circle, you may pay the cost. If paid, Search for up to 1 (Stern Blaukruger) from your Deck, Reveal it to your Opponent, and Add it to your Hand.
With the "Chain Ride" deck, if you ride Blaupanzer on top of Blaujunger, Blaupanzer is a 8000 Power Vanguard instead of 6000 Power Vanguard, and you get a Grade 2 added to your hand from Blaujunger's effect; however, the second effect comes in real handy. If you discard another Grade 3 Nova Grappler, you can add Stern Blaukruger. From this, I can say that Stern Blaukruger deck can utilize Divine Beast cards to search out what's necessary if need be.

Clay-doll Mechanic (left) is a 7000 Power Booster that benefits for reusing Damage Zone cards due to his effect:
  • Auto : When this Unit is called as a Rear Guard, and you have a «Nova Grappler» Vanguard, unflip 1 card from the Damage Zone.
Once you call this card to a Rear Guard Zone, you can unflip a card in the Damage Zone to reuse another Counter Blast card. Cray Soldier (middle) is a 4000 Power Booster which can help with maintaining a booster in a Stand type Deck due to his effect listed below:
  • Auto: (R) During the battle this Unit boosts a «Nova Grappler», and the attack hits, stand this Unit.
In this instance, if the attack goes through and hits the Vanguard, and Cray Soldier is the booster, Cray Soldier stands again, and if you get a Stand Trigger on top of everything and stand the attacker in front of Cray Soldier, you can attack with a booster to do some more damage. Dancing Wolf is the typical good Booster of which it starts at 7000 Power, but it has an effect as follows:
  • Auto (R): During your Battle Phase, when this Unit Stands, this unit gains +3000 Power during this turn.
So, whenever it stands, it'll gain 3000 Power, so you'll have a maximum of 10000 Power boosting, and with a Stern Blaukruger deck, you can have it boost Stern Blaukruger, have Stern Blaukruger's effect activates, and have more power to strike your opponent, by dealing massive damage to your opponent.

Queen of Heart (right) is the team duo of King of Sword and Queen of Heart. With the combination of a 10000 attacker and the 6000 booster, the effect gives it potential to become more power. The effect is shown below:
  • Auto (R): When this Unit boosts 'King of Sword', for that battle, the boosted unit gains +4000 power.
With both King of Sword and Queen of Heart being in a power lane, it becomes 20000 Power Attack onto an opponent's Vanguard or Rear Guard. Meshrad Roid (left) is a 6000 booster that's better power-wise as Cray Soldier, but the drawback is that you have to flip 1 damage and you have to activate it during the Main Phase. The effect of Meshrad Roid is listed below:
  • Activate (R): (Counter Blast (1)) If you have a <<Nova Grappler>> Vanguard, Stand this Unit.
With this effect though, you can use Ultimate Lifeform, Cosmo Lord and still be able to use all power lanes, I would use Meshrad Raid in combination with Ultimate Lifeform, Cosmo Lord for more power. Death Army Guy (middle) is the better variant of Cray Soldier with it being a 7000 Power Booster and the effect is:
  • Auto (R): When a Grade 3 «Nova Grappler» is revealed by your Vanguard's Drive Check, Stand this Unit.
The only requirement for this card to stand again is when you Drive Check a Grade 3 Nova Grappler. In combination with Asura Kaiser and Death Army Lady, you can stand 3 times off one Drive Check.

Raizer Custom (left) is a 6000 booster with an effect listed below:
  • Continuous (V/R): During your Turn, if your "Battleraizer" is in the Same Column as this card, this unit gains +6000 Power.
If Battleraizer is in the Same Colomn as this card, it could be a 12000 attacker, leaving Battleraizer not be boosted, 18000 attacker with Battleraizer boosting, or 15000 attacker, with Raizer Custom boosting a Battleraizer. Rocket Hammerman (middle) is a 6000 booster with an effect listed below:
  • Activate (Rearguard): (Rest this Unit) Select 1 of your other <<Nova Grappler>> monsters, during this turn, it gains 2000 Power.
You can rest thsi unit to give a unit 2000 more power for his Power Lane. For example, if the power lane is 19000 and you rest Rocket Hammerman, you can make that power lane 21000, but in exchange, you have to rest Rocket Hammerman. Toolkit Boy (right) would work with a deck that uses Counterblasts often.  Toolkit Boy is a 5000 booster with an effect listed below:
  • Auto (R): During a Battle when this Unit boosts a "Nova Grappler" Vanguard, if the attack hits a Vanguard, you can select 1 card in your Damage Zone and unflip it.
If an attack hits the Vanguard and Toolkit Boy is the booster for the attack, you can unflip one damage in the Damage Zone.


  1. Nice. Seeing as there are different ways to play Nova Grapplers, will you be updating the deck list or add to that with recommendations on making those decks, like if it specializes in the Blau ride chain?

    1. I'll be making sample deck lists. If nothing else, if anyone's curious about how to make the deck, I try to answer questions as best as I can.