Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dark World Counterstrategies

Since Dark Worlds won the last YCS, I would believe some players would be interested to learn how to combat Dark Worlds a bit more. So here's some cards/strategies that can prove useful against Dark Worlds:
  • Preventing cards to hit the Graveyard
    • Macro Cosmos/Dimensional Fissure
  • Preventing Special Summoning
    • Vanity's Emptiness would prove useful if you are evading Special Summoning.
  • Preventing DARK effects
    • Shadow Imprisoning Mirror would prove more useful if you are trying to evade the Dark World effects.
  • Preventing a certain card to come into play
    • Prohibition can be used. If you know that your opponent centers in on a card, you can prohibit that card from being played.
However, for specific decks, you need to have a good idea on what you want to set up.  So, here's some examples I'm going to list:
  • For all decks with high ATK beatsticks:
    • If they can't destroy your monster effectively, they would have a hard time getting over it.
  • Other Decks
    • Side D.D. Crow, Bottomless Trap Hole, Solemn Warning, and Solemn Judgment
  • For HEROes
    • Side Super Polymerization for fusing purposes.
Can't really say for all of them, but if you want a specific counter for your deck (whatever it might be) against Dark Worlds, leave a comment.


For the last post of this month, I decided to make Agent Angel deck for this format, and decided to wait on T.G. deck until May.


  1. prohibition :D as an added layer to all tech cards

    1. Alright, I'll go ahead and add it to the tech cards.