Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reasoning behind not being able to post about the Cardfight!! Vanguard program

It simply didn't work out as well as I planned. For every error I encountered, two more errors showed up. If I decide not to play for a while, and go back to it, it'll put up another error. If you like dealing with errors, go try out Vanguard Master, since that seems to be the better place for a Cardfight!! Vanguard simulator. If you do not want to deal with errors, continue playing on Cardfight Capital.

Well, there's two different languages to have the program display, one of them being English. So, when I'm reading through, I thought it would be easy. wasn't. When you go onto a different window, the window changes to a different language, which caused me to wonder if it's still in Beta, or they haven't decided to stay with it in their region, or extending it to a different region.

Of course, learning a different language has the good ideals and the bad ideals behind it. The good ideals is that you can read and type in two different languages. The bad ideals is that you don't know how to speak it, and how it suddenly changed when you select the language to be "English".

My recommendation is to stay with Cardfight Capital, which is on BYOND, because it's has a good database, and you can face people, rather than dealing with it working half the time, decent database, and facing yourself.

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  1. Ya Vanguard Master I also tried out before you could even play with yourself (back when all you could do was build a deck) I didn't like so found Cardfight!! Capital and hated BYOND so didn't try it until you told me to lol. Only thing I find irritating about Cardfight!! Capital is that I lag on there a lot more than DN.