Saturday, November 6, 2010

Working with Vairons 2

Decided to work out this deck a bit. Anywho, here's the deck list:

2x Cyber Dragon
2x Honest
3x Vairon Cube
2x Vairon Ohm
3x Vairon Sphere
3x Vairon Tetra
3x Vairon Vanguard

Monster Reborn
2x Restrict Release Wave
2x Armed Changer
2x Hidden Armory
2x Vahalla, Hall of the Fallen
3x Mage Power
3x United We Stand

Call of the Haunted
2x Royal Decree
3x Beckoning Light

Extra Deck

2x Ally of Justice Catastor
3x Black Rose Dragon
2x Iron Chain Dragon
2x Vairon Delta
2x Vairon Epsilon
2x Vairon Omega
2x Vairon Sigma

Discuss, rate, fix, or comment. Enjoy!


  1. Hi. Try a MGS deck review? (Fabled)

  2. Sure. Make a deck of it and review it, or do you have a deck for me to review?