Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Attempt with Vairon 1

So, I got a crazy idea because people were angry at Qu'lat spam, so I decided to think for myself and notice a good pattern erupting. As Rauzes said in the past (from this blog: http://gaijinduelist.blogspot.com/)(I don't remember exactly what post it is in.): "True Honest spammers use Armed Changers" So, I decided to test a theory with Vairons since most of them depend on Equips and they are Light monsters.

3x Vairon Ohm
3x Vairon Cube
2x Vairon Soldier
3x Vairon Vanguard
3x Vairon Sphere
3x Vairon Tetra
2x Honest

Monster Reborn
2x Release Restraint Wave
2x Hidden Armory
2x Armed Changer
2x Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen
3x Mage Power
3x United We Stand

Call of the Haunted
2x Beckoning Light
3x Royal Decree

Extra Deck
2x Vairon Sigma
3x Vairon Delta
3x Black Rose Dragon
2x Power Tool Dragon
3x Vairon Epsilon
2x Vairon Omega


It's basically an "All or nothing" strategy. Regardless, enjoy!


  1. hmm i think you meant vairon OHM in the monster lineup instead of omega ^^

  2. I play a game that deals with names being closely related to the OCG, so some of the names might be off by mistake (since I do switch the name of those cards to TCG names). Thanks for catching it though.