Monday, April 23, 2012

Budget Experience - Magic the Gathering - Part 1

Before I knew it, I decided to play Magic, because I thought it would be entertaining. What I decided to do is this:
  1. Buy 2 Structure Decks and make them into a deck.
  2. Use whatever cards that I got from those decks and made them into a deck.
  3. If I get lucky, I get lucky, and put those cards into the deck as well.
As for pulls, out of one of these packs that I got from the Structure Deck that they had, I did pull a Planeswalker out of that pack, which made me quite amused. Next post(s) will be some decks I decided to play with casually.

Here are some sample names I came up with for these decks:
  1. Black/White Token Spam Deck
  2. Blue/Green Infect Deck
  3. Red/White Artifact Burn Deck.
Thoughts and comments. Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. I like the idea of BW Tokens. The only expensive thing is Sorin and Isolated imo.

    Blue Green is decent, but not that great. You pump up your Blighted Agent so I just Doom Blade it isn't that fun haha.

    Red/White is going to be good because of all the new Red and White cards from Avacyn Restored.